Our Products

"100% Coconut Shell Charcoal is our one and only formula.

We make sure to select the finest quality coconut shells from over than 20 islands in Indonesia, and we make sure that we produce them according to the highest quality level to make a product that earns the respect of our valued customers."
CEO, Sharbel Dabaghy
Small Cubes
22x22x22 mm
CocoMazaya Small Cubes

Flat Cubes
25x25x17 mm
CocoNara Flat Cubes

Small Cubes
22x22x22 mm
CocoNara Small Cubes

Dense Cubes
25x25x25 mm
CocoNara Dense Cubes

15 cm
3.5 cm

Dense Cubes
25x25x25 mm

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Our upcoming event is the Frankfurt Hookah Expo, that will be taking place on the 2nd and 3rd of May, 2015. We are looking forward to see you there, with great surprises. See more

Warning to all customers - Authenticity of Product

There are many companies or people who claim to be the real suppliers of Coco Nara™, be careful not to be deceived by the appealing offers they may make or the shiny prices, at the end every thing comes at a price. We have been contacted by many people visiting our website and claiming that they received bad quality, and we found out that they did not buy from us.

If you ever want to order Coco Mazaya™ make sure you ask for the following documents

1. Trademark registration copy (should be under the name of Sharbel Dabaghy - dated 2010)
2. Company Regsitration papers (should be BETS or Pionara... else you are being cheated!!)
3. Certificate of Natural Product
4. Lab Certificate
5. Sample package
6. Sample sealing sticker
7. Sample Hologram sticker
8. Bank Account name (should be BETS or Pionara Accounts... else you are being cheated!!)