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Upcoming Events

Our nearest upcoming event is the Hooka Fair that will be held in Frankfurt, Germany, for 2 days. May 2nd - 3rd, 2015 at the Exhibition Center Frankfurt.

We are looking forward to meet you there.

Latest News

- The new packs with the new design and the anti forgery features are now in the market.

- We have released Coco Stix™, the coconut shell charcoal fingers, hexagonal in shape, 15 x 3.5 cm long.

- Our restaurant favorite package is now available for the consumers, the 2Kg pack from Coco Brix™

- We have introduced a Hologram and a sealing sticker to our boxes and packs, beware of fake goods.

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Winning awards and customer votes has been the most rewarding gift to our efforts.

We have been voted 'Product of the year' in more than 12 countries, best customer choice in 14. We have been voted as the best `Eco Friendly` product, and most creative natural product. We have been selected among the top 3 exporter companies in Indonesia in 2014. We have been nominated as the `Best Advertised Product` in its category, with a record of 3 TV commercials on SAT stations, 5 top radio talk shows and YouTube competitions and prizes. Our invented accessories such as the CocoTip, the Tipsi an the PinCode have dominated the world market.

News and Events

Our upcoming event is the Frankfurt Hookah Expo, that will be taking place on the 2nd and 3rd of May, 2015. We are looking forward to see you there, with great surprises. See more

We Lead They Follow

Since 2005, our expansion has been progressive and our charcoal map has been expanding yearly if not monthly, and we are making the world shift to the Cube. Coco Mazaya™ joined the success of Coco Nara™ and the options it offered to clients were remarkable.
We have been expanding in the Middle East and the Gulf region, in Africa, Europe, Russia, in USA and many other growing markets.
Join us now and have our leading brand in your portfolio. See more